Frau Merkel: So sieht eine angemessene Reaktion auf PRISM aus.

Diese Präsidentin hat wirklich den Mumm in den Knochen den ich in unserer Regierung so stark vermisse. Erst sagt Frau Rousseff ein Treffen mit Obama ab und jetzt spricht Sie vor den Vereinten Nationen Klartext

We face, Mr. President, a situation of grave violation of human rights and of civil liberties; of invasion and capture of confidential information concerning corporate activities, and especially of disrespect to national sovereignty.
We expressed to the Government of the United States our disapproval, and demanded explanations, apologies and guarantees that such procedures will never be repeated.
Friendly governments and societies that seek to build a true strategic partnership, as in our case, cannot allow recurring illegal actions to take place as if they were normal. They are unacceptable