Frauen können besser um Geld verhandeln als Männer

wenn Sie für andere statt für sich selbst verhandeln. Zu mindestens deutet darauf eine Studie aus dem Harvard Business Review hin:

But another group of women bargained for an average salary of $167,000, topping the men by 14%. What was different about them? Instead of playing the employee, they had been instructed to act as the employee’s mentor. It’s safe to assume that these women had the same tendencies toward giving as the first group. Because of the role they took on, however, those tendencies amplified, rather than detracted from, their tenacity at the negotiating table. When they saw themselves as agents representing the interests of others, being tough was completely consistent with their self-images as givers. Each was fulfilling her responsibility to a mentee who mattered to her.

Also liebe Damen, einfach mal so tun als ob es um das Gehalt einer Freundin ging. Vielleicht fallen dann ein paar mentale Schranken.