Sicherheit bei Bodycams

Ich bin mir sicher die Bodycams die in Deutschland zum Einsatz kommen weisen die hier gefundenen Probleme der Bodycams in den USA nicht auf.

Mitchell even realized that because he can remotely access device storage on models like the Fire Cam OnCall, an attacker could potentially plant malware on some of the cameras. Then, when the camera connects to a PC for syncing, it could deliver all sorts of malicious code: a Windows exploit that could ultimately allow an attacker to gain remote access to the police network, ransomware to spread across the network and lock everything down, a worm that infiltrates the department’s evidence servers and deletes everything, or even cryptojacking software to mine cryptocurrency using police computing resources

Auch werden mit Sicherheit die Videos digital signiert um eine nachträgliche Verifikation zu ermöglichen …..