Covid19 im Senegal

Warum hört man eigentlich so wenig gutes aus Afrika und den Reaktionen der Länder dort? Dieser Artikel stellt 2 Beispiele dar von dem Ich die Informationen aus dem Senegal schon für bemerkenswert halte

Senegal is in a good position because its Covid-19 response planning began in earnest in January, as soon as the first international alert on the virus went out. The government closed the borders, initiated a comprehensive plan of contact tracing and, because it is a nation of multiple-occupation households, offered a bed for every single coronavirus patient in either a hospital or a community health facility. As a result, this nation of 16 million people has had only 30 deaths. Each death has been acknowledged individually by the government, and condolences paid to the family. You can afford to see each death as a person when the numbers are at this level.

Richtig interessant ist der dortige Ansatz für Tests

Trials to develop a $1 covid-19 testing kit that produces results in less than 10 minutes are under way in Senegal. If it works, the test could be a vital tool in sub-Saharan Africa.

Es bleibt zu hoffen das diese Tests wirklich funktionieren. Den Triumph würde ich denen wirklich können.